Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The photos below are listed latest to earliest, the bottom one dated October 2, 2009:

December 4, 2009: Biopsy was
taken Dec 1st but we had to wait for correct diagnoses from three separate pathologists. Since the disease attacks the margins where mucuos membranes meet hairlines such as the nose bridge, lips, eyerims, anus, and toe edges, samples were taken from the lip corner (see blue stitches at right photo) and nose bridge. Diagnoses was confirmed Dec 8th after the opthamology exam and we began treatment. Waiting so long for the biopsy results posed great risk and at this point Corky almost went blind. Prednisone was injected under eyelids then Prednisolone acetate 1%eyedrops was continued 4 x's daily along with oral Pred 30mg twice daily for 2 days tapered to 20mg 2 x's daily while starting Azathioprine 50mg daily. He was also given 500mg Niacinamide twice daily as an antiinflammatory. On December 5th I had also started him on Veterinary Immune Tabs Professional strength as found on Dr. Ramaekers website of Ramaekers Nutrition which I've continued ever since (rotating with the maintenance formula). We were able to taper the Pred a week later down to 10mg daily along with 50mg Azathioprine and gradually alternate days with 4 days weekly of Prednisone and 3 days of Azathioprine. The Niacinamide was continued every day. Corky's response was remarkable as the next series of photos will show.
Nov 15, 2009: Unable to perform a biopsy as Corky was still having a massive histamine release
Nov 2, 2009: The unknown disease was attacking the lip margins as well as the nose and eyerim pigment.
Oct 18, 2009: Per doctors advice we had stopped all supplements including fish oil, vit E, vit C, Cosequin and the homeopathics. Deceiving to us the pigment was returning so we thought he was improving
Oct 2, 2009: We assumed this was an allergy or discoid lupus. Continued the holistic Orijen Adult Formula kibble and started a homeopathic remedy for discoid lupus utilizing Sulphur 30x and A. Triphyllum.


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