Saturday, February 27, 2010

Corky's success

Corky continues to improve. Stay tuned for further updates. I will document all the steps we took to heal him including the correct nutritional supplements. His team of doctors are amazed and we are all pleased with the results.
Please contact me if you'd like the information before I get around to posting it.


  1. Our 7 year old Aussie-Queensland mix was just diagnosed with "VKH/Uveo. In Sept her retinas suddenly detached; through medication, her right retina reattached. Her left eye never healed, growing a cataract, then glaucoma, which lead to removal of her left eye 3 weeks ago. She is doing well, but I would love to get her off the Cyclosporine, and onto nutritional supplement therapy. If you would please share your information, we would be greatly blessed. Thank you!

  2. Hello Julie, forgive me for not responding sooner. I'm new to this blog and didn't realize your comment was posted. I'm now back in the process of updating our report. Am glad to share whatever info I can with you. First though, I'm very sorry about your dog losing her eye and wish you and her the best. Owning a dog and becoming attached is a highly rewarding journey that teaches us more about life than we sometimes care to know but worth every minute. I'll have you know that we are in good hands here with a superior team of veterinarians. In my blog I will be specific but here's the bottom line of treatment: As for diet, Corky is doing well on Tast of the Wild salmon and sweet potato (no grain). We stopped all supplements months ago, not knowing if any might possibly be causing allergic responses that may trigger the disease. However, we do give him 500mg of niacinamde twice daily which is an antiinflammatory. Also, since Dec 4th we started him on an effective immune stabilizer nutritional supplement called Veterinary Immune Tabs which utilizes Transfer Factors from colostrum and other beneficial extracts to help balance the immune system and prevent it from overreacting. Please google Veterinary Immune Tabs and you will find the website. The Vets associated with the product are very professional and will call you back if you leave a message. Order the Professional formula and do the Maintenance later. As for the drug therapy: the vets tell me that there is no manual that will give us clear cut formula, every case is different. The day Corky almost went blind we gave him 60mg Pred along with Prednisolone acetate eyedrops. His eyes were also injected with pred. After 2 days at 60mg we tapered to 40mg for 3 days and then was able to go to 10mg pred plus 50mg Azathioprine. I will post more photos but basically where he lost all pigment on his face it returned within a month. Remarkably we were able to sustain him on 5mg pred every other day using Azathioprine inbetween (which works synergistically with pred but with less side effects). About a month ago we tried skipping a day for 2 weeks and Corky relapsed. We are now still working to put him back in remission. We are almost there but I will wait to send more update until it is further under control. Because we've increased the dosage he is also getting pepcid twice daily. I should mention that Corky's behaviour and energy level never really changed during this chapter of his life. I understand that dogs and people with this disease will be drug dependant but can still live a lifetime if we can stay on top of the symptoms. At any rate we should keep in touch. Please send photos of your dog and share the regime you are following for your dog. What is her name? Thank you for connecting. Chris

  3. Here is the website for the Veterinary Immune Tabs: