Saturday, December 26, 2009

Australian Shepherd with Uveodermatological Syndrome

Corky is a georgeous 6 1/2 year old blue merle Australian Shepherd, full of life and love, one of the happiest dogs on earth as well as one of the most loved. You would never know he has an autoimmune disease called uveodermatological syndrome with uveitus or VKH syndrome unless you've seen his before and after photos which I shall post here along with a journal. As of now we are on an uphill path making dramatic progress but only two and a half weeks ago the opthomologist told us that Corky almost went blind. Luckily though, his condition was instantly turned around in the nick of time and the eye specialist is confident he can make a 100% recovery. These photos will speak for themselves but I will continue to log Corky's history along with his healing process. I will share the steps we are taking including all medications, supplements, diet, exercise, etc., with hopes that this information may become useful to anyone else seeking help. The photo at the right was taken long before this disease struck, it is one of my favorites.

I will back up to the start of Corky's symptoms beginning September 2009 when the disease mimicked other conditions which were treated as allergy mediated. Corky was losing the black pigment on his nose and lips and then later the inner corners of his eyerims. As the symptoms seemed to improve and then wane he was not biopsied until late November. It took three pathologists to finally find the correct diagnoses. Meanwhile, the symptoms worsened, he lost all black pigment on his lips and eyerims and half of his nose. Again, I will log details from the beginning but for now here are photos taken December 8th, 2009, just prior treatment and then December 20th, twelve days later.

Hmmm, please bear with me. I'm new to this blog and can't figure how to set photos here where I want them...

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