Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Top left photo November 15, 2009: pigment loss and sneezing caused by disease attacking mucuos membranes inside nostrils although we assumed the cause was allergies or possible discoid lupus.

Top right photo December 8, 2009: Biopsy taken Dec 1st from nose bridge (see blue stitches)Diagnosis not confirmed until Dec 8th after awaiting results from 3 different pathologists.

Lower bottom photo taken October 2, 2009: guessing allergies or discoid lupus. Began homeopathic remedy as stated under "lip summary."

Because we saw nice improvement by October 18 (lower right photo) we were deceptively convinced this was discoid lupus and/or allergies. You can see the cobblestone texture returning along with black pigment. We had held off on the biopsy since his entire body was in a state of a massive histamine release we assumed was an allergic response to either an external or food allergen. I thought the residual from the homeopathics were kicking in.

By November 2nd he started to take a turn.

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