Sunday, December 9, 2012

DECEMBER 9, 2012

Checking in... need to post updates to show how well Corky is doing today... will post upadates soon. Meantime, email me for any questions at:


  1. So glade to hear Corky is doing well. He is my inspiration for my dog Hiro. Hiro was doing well but things has turned for the worst and he is 99% blind now. But his eyes are still very red and he is really no longer responding to medicine. But as a blind dog he is still very happy. I really pray that he will get some of his vision back.

  2. Just found your blog and I'm still reading! My Standard Poodle, Zelda, was just diagnosed this past June with VKH/uveodermatologic syndrome. Fortunately for me I have a quick thinking/acting vet who ordered a biopsy when the dermatologist's treatment wasn't helping.

    So glad to see that Corky is still doing great. THANK YOU for chronicling his story. I started taking photos of Zelda from the time her lips turned pink and her nose became infected. Maybe I should blog, too. There's very little on the internet about this rare condition. I'm wondering if it's underdiagnosed or misdiagnosed as "allergies" and treated with prednisone (which will get the skin under control but may not save the eyesight).

    Thanks again for allowing me to read Corky's story.